1. How long has Dubai Jewellers been in business?

Dubai Jewellers was founded in 2001.


2. Where is Dubai Jewellers located?

Our store is located at 1407 Gerrard St, Toronto, Ontario, M4L 1Z5, Canada.


3. What types of jewellery Dubai Jewellers Carry?

Dubai Jewellers carry 22kt fine jewellery imported from Dubai. We also carry 14kt-18kt diamond jewellery as well as wedding bands ranging from 14kt to 22kt.


4. Do Dubai Jewellers take custom orders or provide repairs?

We do take custom orders but time length depends on the order. Most of repairs are done while you wait but some may require to leave it at the premise and pick up after.

5. Do you have another question that hasn’t been answered?

If you have any questions that needs to be answered, Please write to us with all the details.


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